Do It Yourcast #05


Episódio número 5 com novidades do punk e do metal.


10:58 Exotica “Is This A Life?”
12:01 Slumb Party “A Silver Pyramid”
14:33 Xertz “Tunnel Vision”
17:19 Sheer Mag “Just Can’t Get Enough”
26:30 ZeroZero “Aço Fino”
27:36 Wiccans “Automaton”
29:30 Priests “Pink White House”
33:41 Liquids “Shackled In Chains”
42:18 Division Speed “Panzerkommando”
44:50 Integrity “Hymn For The Children Of The Black Flame”
47:30 Vegas “Running Or Empty”
50:44 Wormwitch “Howling From the Grave”
57:14 Excoriate “On Pestilent Winds…”
1:03:13 Demonthor “Miss On The Altar”
1:09:33 Nuke “Nuke Me Baby”
1:14:57 Expulsion “Total Human Genocide”

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